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Upcoming events

    • 28 Nov 2018
    • 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM (CST)
    • Rose Vine Hall

     What Can Happen Over the Life of a Fire Protection System


    Presenter: Scott Futrell, PE, FSFPE, CFPS, CFEI, SET



    There is a large stock of buildings with fire protection systems installed. As professionals in the industry everyone has seen both positive and negative examples of the design, inspection, testing, and maintenance of these existing systems. This presentation will walk through common features and concerns of existing systems and what needs to be done to make improvements. Common occupancies such as healthcare, high-piled storage, factories including textiles, and business occupancies will be discussed. In addition, a look forward at how new equipment including automated (self-testing) devices could assist to ensure good fire protection continues. Examples of current problems will be included. 


    As president and founder of Futrell Fire Consult & Design, Inc. Scott has provided services related to fire code consulting, project management, system design, and loss investigation of fire protection systems for a broad range of building types and system failures since 1989. He is a Fire Protection Engineer registered in the State fo Wisconsin and has been in the Fire Protection industry since 1975. Mr. Futrell is a Fellow in the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, a Certified Fire Protection Specialist, a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, is Chairperson and on the instructors for the task force that has written the curriculum for the Society of Fire Protection Engineers classes entitled  Sprinkler Design for Engineers (since 2000), the Protection of High-Piled Storage, and Hydraulic Calculations. For the National Fire Protection Research Foundation, he has served as a member on the technical panels for the Residential Sprinklers and Sloped Ceilings (2008 to 2010), Home FIre Sprinklers and Antifreeze Solutions Literature Review (2010), Home Fire Sprinklers and Antifreeze Solutions Phase II (2010), Antifreeze in Commercial Sprinkler Systems (2012), Reliability Based Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (2012), and other more recent projects. A large percentage of Mr. Futrell's time is currently spent investigating the failures of fire protection systems and fire protection system components. 


    Membership is not mandatory for this program, but always encouraged.  See you there!



    Social hour - 4:30 p.m.

    Dinner - 5:30 p.m.

    Meeting - 6:15 p.m.

    Presentation - 6:30 p.m.


    Rose Vine Hall

    2801 Snelling Ave

    Roseville, MN 55113


    Meeting and Program Costs

    $20.00 (Members of MN SFPE)

    $25.00 (Non-members of MN SFPE)


    Reservations must be made before 4:00 pm Monday, November 26th, 2018. 

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