We are working hard to bring you leaders in the SFPE and Fire Protection Industry who will bring their expertise to the programs and our membership.  If you have any suggestions for future programs, please forward them to Nic Johnsen or Melisa Rodriguez.  
Information regarding the next chapter meeting can be found by clicking on the events listed below.  If possible, please sign up for the meeting in advance by following the "Register" link for the meeting.  Cash or check will also be accepted at the meeting.
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We hope to see you at one or more of our programs this year!

Upcoming events

    • 17 Mar 2021
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (CDT)
    • Webinar

     WEBINAR - Recent Updates and Development Plans for Pyrosim, Pathfinder and Related Technologies


    Overview: The March Minnesota Chapter of SFPE event will be brought to you again via webinar! This is a free event to attend for members, please feel free to forward to those who may be interested in attending.

    Thunderhead Engineering - Recent Updates and Development Plans for Pyrosim, Pathfinder and Related Technologies

    Presentation Description: Updates to FDS/PyroSim and Visualization of Simulation data, along with the expanding scope of human movement and process simulation capabilities in Pathfinder, require a continuous effort in research and development from Thunderhead Engineering.  This presentation will touch on many of the new features in both programs, some interesting applications of these tools and an overview of challenges we face moving forward.

    Presenter: Bryan Klein, Thunderhead Engineering

    Bryan is a Product Manager for Pyrosim and Pathfinder with Thunderhead Engineering. He provides technical support and training services for Pyrosim and Pathfinder for a variety of groups including SFPE. He has past experience working for NIST as a member of the Fire Modeling Group. Please find more information about Bryan on his Linkedin profile.

    Please join us for this informative session. Membership is not mandatory for this program, but always encouraged.  See you there!



    Business Meeting: 4:00

        Presentation: 4:15


    Microsoft Teams


    Meeting and Program Costs

    FREE (Members of MN SFPE)

    $10 (Non-members of MN SFPE)


    Reservations must be made before 4:00 pm Tuesday, March 16th, 2021. 

Past events

25 Feb 2021 State of the State - 2020 Review
20 Jan 2021 NFPA 770 - Standard on Hybrid (Water and Inert Gas) Fire Extinguishing Systems
21 Oct 2020 New IBC Office Load Factor - When and How to Use It
16 Sep 2020 Air Vents and Corrosion: New requirements of 2016 NFPA 13
27 May 2020 Challenges of Cold Storage Fire Protection
15 Apr 2020 WEBINAR - Rule Renovation: What Recent Updates to the Ethical Rules Mean for Your Practice
18 Mar 2020 Rule Renovation: What Recent Updates to the Ethical Rules Mean for Your Practice
26 Feb 2020 State of the State
29 Jan 2020 Fire Alarm and Mass Notification: Code Changes, Intelligibility, & Addressable Notification
19 Dec 2019 MN SFPE Topgolf Holiday Party
20 Nov 2019 New In-Rack Storage Options in NFPA 13 2019 and FM Data Sheet 8-9
30 Oct 2019 Firestop - Special Inspections
25 Sep 2019 Maximizing Value in Fire Sprinkler Systems - Corrosion, Codes, and Best Practices
29 May 2019 MN SFPE May 2019 Meeting
17 Apr 2019 MN SFPE Education Opportunity
20 Mar 2019 MN SFPE March 2019 Meeting
27 Feb 2019 MN SFPE February 2019 Meeting
13 Dec 2018 MN SFPE Fire Test and Holiday Happy Hour
28 Nov 2018 MN SFPE November 2018 Meeting
24 Oct 2018 MN SFPE October 2018 Meeting
26 Sep 2018 MN SFPE September 2018 Meeting
30 May 2018 MN SFPE May 2018 Meeting
25 Apr 2018 MN SFPE April 2018 Meeting
28 Mar 2018 MN SFPE March 2018 Meeting
28 Feb 2018 MN SFPE February 2018 Meeting
31 Jan 2018 MN SFPE January 2018 Meeting
29 Nov 2017 MN SFPE November 2017 Meeting
25 Oct 2017 MN SFPE October 2017 Meeting
27 Sep 2017 MN SFPE September 2017 Meeting
31 May 2017 MN SFPE May 2017 Meeting and Elections
26 Apr 2017 MN SFPE April 2017 Meeting
29 Mar 2017 MN SFPE March 2017 Meeting
22 Feb 2017 MN SFPE February 2017 Meeting
25 Jan 2017 MN SFPE January 2016 Meeting
30 Nov 2016 MN SFPE November 2016 Meeting
26 Oct 2016 MN SFPE October 2016 Meeting
28 Sep 2016 MN SFPE September 2016 Meeting
25 May 2016 MN SFPE May 2016 Meeting
27 Apr 2016 MN SFPE April 2016 Meeting
30 Mar 2016 MN SFPE March 2016 Meeting
24 Feb 2016 MN SFPE February 2016 Meeting
27 Jan 2016 MN SFPE January 2016 Meeting
18 Nov 2015 MN SFPE November 2015 Meeting
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27 May 2015 MN SFPE May Meeting
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19 Nov 2014 MN SFPE November Meeting
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24 Sep 2014 MN SFPE September Meeting
28 May 2014 MN SFPE May Meeting
30 Apr 2014 MN SFPE April Meeting
26 Mar 2014 MN SFPE March Meeting
26 Feb 2014 MN SFPE February Meeting
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